Who hasn’t asked the question when trouble or tragedy strike? But is there a bigger question? Is there a smiling God in the clouds of trouble? Can we “trace the rainbow through the rain”? God’s providence and goodness are not theory. There is every reason for God’s child to stand firm in the darkest trial. Come with us as we explore God’s providence and find the sure mercies of our Heavenly Father.
















  • Trials: Asking for wisdom & trusting in a sovereignty of God 
  • Temptation: Asking for wisdom & trusting in a sovereignty of God 
  • The groaning of creation, the goodness of God, & the hope of glory 
  • Faithfulness of God: Forgetting goodness & presuming on His mercy 
  • Prayer: God’s complete sovereignty and man’s great privilege 
  • Eternal perspective: Living life with eternity in view 
  • Waiting on the Lord: Focus in the midst of trouble 
  • Thorn in the flesh: Facing life’s griefs with grace 
  • Jesus: The ultimate answer