How good is good enough? How righteous is really righteous? How holy must we
be? Man-centered religion focuses on what a person can do for God; on being
good or holy enough. Those human efforts are as varied as doing good to others
and slaughtering those who refuse to follow one’s beliefs. Whatever form it may
take, it is about what man can do.
But doesn’t Christianity require anything of us? After all, we are called, even
commanded to pursue, perfect, and practice holiness. But what does this mean
for the follower of Christ, and how can we hope to “Be holy, as (God is) holy”?
What we find is that holiness, this “required impossibility”, is a matter of the
heart, and the heart affects life. Join us at Passion4Christ 2015 as we examine the
daunting and compelling issue of holiness together in God’s Word.